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Fashion Trends: Summer Chic!

What’s hot and what’s not is always a consideration when planning your summer wardrobe.   Obviously, if you work, your choices will include an “office” wardrobe as well as casual and nightlife items. 


While it’s always smart to play your career clothing safe, during the summer rules are relaxed a bit more and we have some suggestions. 


On the Continent!

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Lifestyle:  Health and Wellbeing

See your eye doctor to make sure all is okay as you will be out in the sun more and in chlorinated pools and at the sandy beach.  Check in with the gynecologist and make sure you have had a mammogram…no one needs to be unwell if your planning some sexy “summer nights”!  And last, but not least, get in to the dermatologist.  Make sure you have no pre-cancer spots or issues and discuss what type of sun protection is best for your skin.  This is really important as you will be outdoors and in the sun and you need to protect your skin, face and hair.

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Summer Office Wear Tips:  

  1. Footwear should be simple and classy—no flip flops or slides that look like you just got back from the beach. 

  2. If you choose to wear sleeveless dresses or tops, keep a sweater and classic jacket in the office to use if the air conditioning is kept low or you have to go to a meeting that requires a bit more formal look. 

  3. Leave a couple of pairs of heels in the office for meetings or if you are going straight out to an event from work. 

  4. Keep your handbag simple—no “beach bags” or messy straw totes.  Again, keeping a small, always practical black handbag on hand at work will save you more times than you can imagine.

  5. Have a few beautiful silk (Hermes anyone?) scarves at your office.  They can dress up an outfit or make a splash for any impromptu meeting or event!  

Casual summer clothes are so much fun to wear!  It seems that each year there is a “go to” look, whether it’s cargo pants, leggings, peddle pushers, linen blouses, fancy flip flops or classy slides and mules, silk twillies for your hair or to tie onto handbags, linen and straw bags that are fun and bright and so much more. It’s a time for great costume jewelry and new, fabulous sunglasses that shout out your personal style!

Summer evening events are looked forward to all year!  Palazzo pants in silk, linen and cotton or slinky long dresses and caftans, match up with beautiful halter tops, printed silk and linen blouses and the ever-present white jeans or leggings.  The more colorful, the better—leave the black for the winter and shine in all the beautiful colors of summer…orange, turquoise, pink, aqua, lavender, fresh green, sunny yellow and so many other fabulous cheerful and light colors. 

Classic Collections travels the world to present the very best of travel and leisure!  During the month of May, a transatlantic cruise from Forth Lauderdale (via Bermuda, Brittany and Normandy!) to the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam, prepared us for a journey that included this storied land of canals and unforgettable excursions in Germany and Austria!  

France is so much more than "Gay Paris"! Brittany and Normandy in the north provide a glimpse into this country's impressive naval prowess over the last 400 hundred years!  

In Brittany, Château de Brest Serves as

Frances' National Maritime Museum! 

In Normandie, D-Day is Remembered Everyday!

Sherbets and Sorbets for Summer Soirees!

Enough about castles and military history!  Europe is home to the most celebrated fashion houses in the  in the world. After all, Haute Couture was born here!  

Stand by this month and the next few months for a continuous stream of designer women's and men's watches in all price categories!  

In Amsterdam's "Museumkwartier", Chanel is served "On Ice".  At Louis Vuitton, Van Gogh is apropos!  

Be sure to read CHIC! July 2017's issue for Part II of "The Continent".  You will be transported to some of Germany's timeless tourist destinations (big and small).  Austria's Alpine adventures await as well as an unforgettable evening at the largest Italian Festival north of the Alps!  It only comes to town once every two will want to book your tickets early!  

Sure, you may have been watching your diet so that you look great in a bathing suit, but a “healthy lifestyle” is so much more than your weight.

This a terrific time of the year to schedule your annual checkups with your various doctors.  Get an annual physical no matter what your age.  This is important because your blood, heart, cholesterol levels and many other checks are made to ascertain that you are basically healthy.  Go have your teeth checked and get a whitening, which will have your smile shining brightly against your summer tan (real or fake!)

What better time of the year than now to re-evaluate your health, eating habits and overall wellness? 

From a nutrition standpoint, fresh summer vegetables and fruits abound and one should take advantage of those plump tomatoes, sweet corn, just harvested lettuces, herbs and refreshing just picked berries, watermelons, peaches and plums!  All of this of course goes with the abundance of light caloric seafood, shellfish and crustaceans that are harvested in so many places during the summer months.