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Silk Ties

Julie Schafler Dale opened a marvelous Artisans’ Gallery on Madison Avenue in New York in 1974.  The gallery opened as a showcase for artists creating clothing and jewelry as an art form that initially was mostly made of fiber.   Julie said, “back in the 60’s and early 70’s, wearable art was very organic…but the esthetics of the times have changed.  Things became simpler, sophisticated, hard-edged, cleaner, more graphic and less sculptural.”  Most pieces, all one-of-a-kind, ranged in price from $600 up to well over $10,000 for some coats and frameable pieces.  Unfortunately, the iconic and always amazing “Julie: Artisan’s Gallery” closed in June 2013 but there are still treasures hiding in many fashionista’s closets from the nearly 40 years of talented artists creating clothing as art that Julie so perfectly curated.  This stunning, unique reversible leather jacket was purchased in approximately 2002 and still is a wonder to behold.  Kept in perfect condition, we are pleased to offer this treasure for your inner artist!  Click below for Julie's blog,  "Idiosyncratic Fashionista!"

Julie: Artisans' Gallery

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